Parties and Alcohol

We will be able to have parties in sleeping rooms. However, if groups wish to serve alcohol in an open-party environment, WA state law requires that they have a special occasion license. These licenses are $60/per event and can only be obtained by a 501c3.The license also requires that you sell your drinks at cost. Since the license gives you access to purchase alcohol at wholesale prices from special stores, you can sell drinks for .50 cents. Additionally, the WA State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board has recently re-interpreted the special occasion license and will only grant one license per location per group. There is a work around for this, but open, alcohol parties will require coordination among the party groups. This is an area that we will have a dedicated person on for the convention. And, frankly, we expect that this interpretation will no longer be in place by 2025 as several groups within fandom and without are working to change it right now. If you do wish to have a private, invitation only event, you can use just a $10 banquet permit as an individual. However, if a Liquor and Cannabis Control Board Agent comes to the event, you must be able to provide an invitation list.